Saturday, July 31, 2004


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Yesterday, Friday early evening July 30, I was very shock when my son told me, that a sister of his friend died. And when I confirmed to my friend, I really in deep grief, because she went to her campus in Wednesday and disappeared since then. And this Friday after 2 days disappeared, her car was found in Bandung with her body in the car. I quickly ran to her house to condolence.. her body was still in Hasan Sadikin hospital Bandung  to get an autopsy. How could she died like this, who did it?

Violence now are our daily life but if  it happened to someone I know I always sad and scare what if this happen to me, hope it's not.. It was second time in this month I felt very shock and sad, after this boy died in his big cozy home. I didn't know the kids (victims) very well but I know their parents, they are respectable/wealthy family and living in a nice and good neighborhood, but why it could happen to them? Previously I never think that violence could reach us, but now we are near it, and it really make me become a paranoid, it was really shock me to see these violence.. is our society that violence..?

For murders out there just one word : TERKUTUKLAH !. How could you easily took someone's life? Especially our beloved kids.. Give our kids a better and safety place to live.. SAY NO TO VIOLENCE

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