Tuesday, July 20, 2004


How many old/historical building was disappeared by what they so called "city modernization", and as we've all known the Jakarta's city planning was really mess up, the government just only could demolish the buildings and then built a new building that wasn't better than the old one. At jalan Gajah Mada, there was a Des Indes Hotel, and now it isn't there anymore.

My husband was live there for almost 2 years when he was a kid, the room was big (he said maybe the room was as big as our whole house now), and the ceiling was high, it was a wonderful thing in his child memories. He used to play in the hotel's yard, which was very wide and green,  where there were many of big trees, such as banyan trees *beringin tree?*.  But now it had gone and the new building now is worse than the Des Indes Hotel, it is a shopping centre but the buildings are really mess up, the surroundings are dirty.  (too bad I don't have a photo to describe it, maybe some other time).

And I just sit here, wait for how many more old/historical buildings will be demolish again for "another malls or shopping center". Is it that much we needs malls or shopping malls? Nope..it's only their reason to justify their stupid action...

There are many city as mess up as Jakarta, but they still keep their old/historical buildings!

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