Wednesday, July 21, 2004

  MAPRAM-POSMA-OSPEK.. what else?

Now is a new academic year especially for a high school's graduate who's now become a university student. A new academic year usually  begin with a MAPRAM-POSMA-OSPEK etc, mapram is some kind of initiation for a new university students. Here I want to share about my "mapram" thirty years ago (wow it's quite a long long time ago). Until now I don't get a damn advantage from this what so called "mapram". It was just about some embarrassing moment for me,  and I hate "mapram". For me it was some seniors who was yelling in an ugly voice and they were mean and ugly face too (oups sorry), usually the committee of  mapram were seniors that were not quite smart, or they had to catch up their left behind in some semester...

I had to go to campus at 4 am and went home at about 9 pm.. and it was only one clothes I had to use for 4-5 days, usually my mom washed it in the night (I went home at 9pm) and then she put it in front of  two electric fans so the clothes would be dry at  4am, we didn't have a dryer machine at that time.  And not to mention weird assignment that we had to do. I wasn't take seriously what the seniors told me to do, but most of my friends were scare and seriously allowed what the seniors said.

These were some weird or embarrassing to do at my mapram :
  • Had to bring a blue pigeon-a seven durians matches-2x2cm fried tempe and tofu-bitter puddings and some weird things I didn't remember again.

  • I had to divide my hair in to five part and tied it with colored ribbon.

  • Crawled - walked in squatting position - walked in a dirty and smell gutter or drain - went to mortuary room in the night.

  • This was a disturbing part, we had to eat our lunch and chewed it as the seniors ordered and not allowed to swallow it, and you know what? after several of chewing action, we had to put that "chewed food" in our spoon, and then the seniors ordered us to exchange that spoon with our friend beside. And then we had to eat/swallow "our friend's chewed food"..yack disgusting isn't it? (huh I couldn't forget it)

  • And what the benefit of all that? I didn't know till now, for me it was useless, just wasting time in an embarrassing way. I never agree of  "mapram" or what ever the name is and I never involved in this event when I was a student. And I really angry when recently this event took victims, sometimes the victims died in this event, is it worth it?

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