Tuesday, August 24, 2004


the beauty

Jakarta is busy of building offices, malls, apartments, here is the beauty of Jakarta along the Sudirman Street. High rise buildings are every where,

the beast

and this is the beast of Jakarta, located in Jl. Surabaya Menteng which is famous as a prestigious residential area but between luxurious houses there is a bad side of it. The houses along the sewer are luxurious but huh how they can live with this dirtiness... yuck.. if you don't know where is the sewer is, you may think this is a slum area, isn't it? oh no.. it is Menteng..

*photos: please give me a credit on my photos, I'm just an amateur I don't know much about how to take a picture well, I just click here and there and voila, here are they.. and sometimes my son taught me about how to improve a photo in Photoshop.*

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