Sunday, August 08, 2004


I found this elaborate bajaj this Sunday morning when I went to Kelapa Gading North Jakarta. Bajaj is one of many local mode transportation in Jakarta, a cheap and handy for getting around the city, it's ok for a small distances, but ride on a bajaj is a very bumpy and its vibration is very hard, so if we'll make a conversation on a bajaj you have to yelling each others, because its vibration and its noisy machine..

And not to mention the driver's attitude, they will suddenly turn to left/right without giving any sign before. "ONLY GOD KNOWS WHEN A BAJAJ WILL TURN TO" this expression come up because of this maneuver. But in someway bajaj is a helpful transportation and very popular too.

ps: did you see the words on the bajaj's mirror? LANANG JALUKAN! I don't know what the meaning of it, please tell me..

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