Sunday, September 26, 2004


Nara took picture of us

In the event of Car Free Day, Thamrin street is closed for cars, I thought it was fun to ride a bike on it, so I planned to go there, but when I was in Sarinah parking lot, ouch actually it's not free 100%, I forgot there is a bus way lane, and on the other lane there were still cars, could pass on Thamrin, so that was not totally free from pollution. but it was fun to bike on Thamrin Street..

Nara and Dipta at Monas

And I also met a pretty young mother and her son and husband, too bad I was forget to take picture of us.. Rika, some other time I wish we can meet again.

Update photo: I stole it from her home,

Rika and Rieke

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