Wednesday, September 29, 2004


In Singapore, again a 19-year-old Indonesian maid was sentenced to life in jail on Wednesday for strangling to death her employer's mother-in-law. Before that, there was Sundarti Supriyanto, 23, was sentenced to life in jail after being convicted of murdering her boss, Angie Ng, 33, and the woman's three-year-old daughter, Crystal, in May 2002.

What happened to them, so they could do such thing? What made them become violent? Maybe they were not ready to face different culture, different people, because they were come from remote area, and poverty force them to go away from their homeland to get a job for their family.

Domestic workers are treated badly, sometime they are victims or they are conduct the violence to their employee.. So instead of giving her "a residence of US$2.22 million" , why don't use the money to improve our education so there will be more educated workers to send away..

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