Wednesday, October 06, 2004

  BEING no 2-3-4?

"ALLAH give me a lot of fortune, so I think it's not wrong if I share it with others" (fyi: by marrying four women?)! O c'mon get real man. That's a word from a successful entrepreneur, when he was asked, "why he have four wives". I just feel upset, heard his justification for what he did.

Why he mentioned "ALLAH" name for the reason that I thought just for his passion of women, why didn't he just answer with this :"Yes I'm a womanizer" or "I like *** very much". How could he married four women. And the craziest thing is how come these women could take it, for being the position as a 2nd, 3rd, 4th wife? What is her consideration?, LOVE? I think NOPE.

If you wanna share your fortune, why didn't you donate it for the people whose need more, or donate it for something more make sense than just married for four times, and maybe more. Well I'm just write this from my feminine side, I don't want to view this from a religious point of view..

I don't care he's a polygamist, it's his right to do so, but I do care when he spread it to others..

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