Monday, October 11, 2004


Once in Ramadhan month, my son's ( Nara ) school always organize "a breaking the fast together at school" event, the students have to bring in a meal/snack/food/drink (choose one of these) for their classroom. In the early evening they have to arrive at school and prepare the class, and bring in their food to the class, so they can breaking the fast together at the classroom.

And in one fine day in Ramadhan a couple years ago, my son asked me for this event to make biji salak (a sweet, made of ubi/sweet potato, and served with coconut milk and palm sugar), he likes bijisalak for breaking his fast. So I made 30 cups of biji salak for him to bring in to his class.

At night after this event, when he came home, he said to me, "Bu, I have a bad news". I shocked (because he really said "bad news") and said "What?" in my high tone. "Bad news is, none of my friends took my biji salak, only me took and ate it"... (oups that was a bad news, huh? ^_^). Hah what's wrong? "They didn't like it", and when I asked back "so what your friends brought in?". Ouch no wonder biji salak couldn't compete with pizza, hamburger, KFC, chicken nugget and so on, when he told me what his friends brought in...

And when I asked him about where were the rest of biji salaks (because I didn't see he brought anything), he told me that he gave it to his teachers, the securities, and the cleaning services, thank God he had a bright idea, because if he brought all them back to home, who's want to eat 29 cups of biji salak..?.

It happened again when I brought him arem2 (rice with veggie wrapped in banana leaves) and krokets (made from potato) for his friends when they went to a study tour.. no one like it .. Hi what's wrong with your taste, kid? yes, the taste has changed.. and mothers you should know that!

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