Friday, October 01, 2004


Lately he always complained to me about his friends, they made a fun of him at school, or they took his lunch. As a mother I felt sad, and wanted to slap or pinch them. But I have to encourage my boy, I said not to take attention on what they said, maybe later on they would tire to make a fun of you. I just don't get it, why there are such nasty boys, are their parents never taught them to be friendly?

I always make lunch for him, and my boy said his friend always beg for it, especially when I bring him, pizza, sushi or hamburger, but someday when he brought rawon (meat cooked with kluwek, a very black and looks dirty) they said : "what is this? yuck disgusting.." O poor boy you didn't know rawon?.. a delicious one..

Most of his friends are given money by their parents for lunch, "hi mom, why don't you just remain a 'lil of your busy time just to make a lunch box for your kid..?" so they didn't bother my son's lunch.. *I get up early to prepare it.*

I have to teach my son that there are bad and good guys, you have to face them, be struggle.. in this nasty world.. my pray always with you!

Notification: my blog just look good at IE only .. how to make it friendly browser? I had checked it with Opera and Mozilla Firefox.. look terrible.. hikzz

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