Monday, November 01, 2004


In the evening in jalan Sabang there are lots of food stalls/food street vendors
In the past Sabang street had its own reputation as the best place for eating , there were lots of famous Chinese restaurants and a famous restaurant of Padang food (Natrabu). But now these famous Chinese restaurant were disappear and now the street vendors are fullfill the pedestrian. But they are not keep the cleanliness of the street.

It's fun to walk away along Sabang street in the evening, you better park your car at Sarinah building and then you walk down to Sabang street.. Let's see what we can find in Sabang street, sate, nasi gila, baso celup, martabak manis and asin.. and many more. But if the food vendors are well organized, it would be more fun to walk away in Sabang street.

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