Tuesday, November 09, 2004


In one fine morning 7 days before the Eid Al Fitr when he was in Ramadhan holiday, I asked him, to go with me to a traditional market by Metromini. He never ride on a Metromini, so I would to introduce him how to ride on a Metromini, after we were on Metromini, he sat beside me, and then after 5 minute, he began to sneeze again and again.. he asked me, about the air conditioning, when I answered there were no air conditioning in Metromini, his face looked disappointed, I saw sweat in his face, I just could laughed at him..

When he asked me, "Why you take Metromini while we have a car?" I said if we have no car we have to take Metromini to take us where ever you want. So you have already known Metromini by then.. Ride on a Metromini is an interesting experience, because it always speedy, and suddenly stop where ever the driver want to stop.. and they always pass each other in a high speed..

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