Sunday, November 14, 2004


A new chapter..
To forgive and reborn
Thank you to my cyber friends for your greetings in this Eid ul Fitr 1425 H

It is my 3 days without her helping me, just my husband and I and a little help from my sons.. I clean up the house and prepare the foods in the morning, after they arrive from shalat we eat together the ketupats I made yesterday.. and then we start to go to our parents and relatives..

And today my sons get a lots of angpaw *money was given by our relatives* it is fun gathering with our relatives once a year, this hectic life don't allow us to meet every time.. so this is the time to gather and meet each other.

And the miracle of my Ramadhan was : a couple days before Eid Al Fitr I got an angpaw from my client, she is also my friend. In my professional experience I never got a lots of money without doing anything.. but my dear friend gave me, she said that she was satisfied by our job, and I thought it was a gift from GOD through her.. thank GOD and thank you my dearest friend, it really really a lots for us in this difficult situation of business.. God bless you.. and your family.. *when we will meet a generous client like her again >> greedy mode on*

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