Wednesday, November 10, 2004


We never go to a PUSKESMAS * public health clinic*, so when my friend refer me to a PUSKESMAS to treat my son's acne, I thought why didn't we try? She just told me that the PUSKESMAS is locate in jalan Petogogan, and she forgot about the doctor's name because she was there a couple of years ago.

With that little information, I went there, and after asked here and there I found it, I imagined that I would found a crowd and a mess place, but, I was wrong, the place was quiet clean and there were no crowd. I asked the lady I met at front office : "I will see a dermatologist". And she answered that no specialist doctor here, in PUSKESMAS it's only a general practitioner! .. ouch how silly was I, asked for a specialist? but since we had been there, I said it didn't matter to see a general practitioner, she pleased me to registry at the administration room. And then after the doctor finished the examination at my son, we just had to pay Rp 10.000,- *+/- one dollar* for the doctor and the medicines ..

My son amazed, because we always pay for more than Rp 100.000,- just for the doctor, and a couple of hundred thousand rupiahs for the medicines.. but too bad the PUSKESMAS is far away from our home.. if not so, it will be better to go to the PUSKESMAS instead to the expensive doctor or hospital.

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