Thursday, November 18, 2004


What I like most in Lebaran holiday is no traffic jam in Jakarta, so we usually always go to a place that we would not go in our daily routine.. Here are the photos that I captured yesterday in Sudirman Street.. I can count how much the cars are..

In between my busy clean up the house job, I pampered myself by watched "The Terminal", interesting story, and as far I knew it was based on true story.. >>Life is waiting, I'm unacceptable .. It's about promise.. <<

I was entertained by watching this movie, cause it had been quiet a long time I'm not watch the movie, now I prefer to watch in my own home instead I go to the cinema, I had a bad experience in watching movie in the cinema, I'm afraid of mouse in the cinema, although now the cinema are more clean and sophisticated, still it will take a braveness of me to go to the cinema.. If I have to watch in the cinema usually I lift up my legs on the movie's sofa.. and I always alert of sudden attack from that little creature.

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