Thursday, November 25, 2004


Welcome back Joemirah.. after 12 days left me with all the mess, how I missed you so much.. she have been with us for almost 10 years now. In this "so difficult to find someone honest to be a housemaid" it's really mean a lot to have her with us.. she's honest, but she can't read and write.. she have two daughter, and the older is in 2nd grade of Senior High school

Once, I had 5 housemaid for my house, but one by one was sign off to find a "proper job", and remain Joemirah alone, and she's still with us maybe because she can't read and write.. I never let my kids ask her to help them, so my kids always take what ever they want by themselves.. and they are not allowed to yelling to her.

*she didn't know when I captured her in this photo, so her face didn't show up (show up or show off? I always mix up)*

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