Friday, December 10, 2004


The tellers always asked me : "Ibu why don't you pay this in ATM ?, it's cheaper than at a counter" and bla bla, it happened if I paid my credit card bill at a counter.. and my answer always "I DON'T HAVE ANY ATM CARDS" .. yes I don't have and I don't want to have an ATM card..

I don't like to be in a small space and have to remember what button should I push, I'm not good at remembering instruction, I can't follow instruction and the important thing is ATM is a one way transaction, no other person beside our self and the machine, and for me it's not accurate.

I like to come to the counter and let the teller greet me with her smile or ask me "how are you ibu?" and we can chit chat.. I don't want the machine swallow my card.. so far I can count on my credit card if I'm in a short on cash.. no problemo..

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