Wednesday, December 22, 2004


How can the polices focus on their more important job if they are always disturbed by these dumb celebrities who keep reported about their marriage problems, one day he reported about his wife had committed adultery. He accused her of having an affair with "a former government official". and another day he reported about his wife having two id cards, and another annoying reports.. to the police..

Hi why don't you just solve your problem alone... we are really annoying by your "cheap soap opera show off".. The man is not proper as a legislative assembly, how he could handle people's problems while he couldn't handle his own family?.. And for the wife : "hi you have opened a frontal battle, so face it now.. don't just hide behind your mental depression " arghhh 2@#&6%... Is marriage value has changed now? They used in love each other and now they fight each other..

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