Thursday, December 23, 2004


Although they didn't greet me yesterday (hari ibu) but I still love them, and because I love him I would like to take him to an adventure, he is in year end vacation now.. usually I ask another kids from my neighborhood, but they are not on vacation, so I just could get 2 kids and my son.

And because I'm not the kind of 9-5 employee so I can arrange my time to take the kids to the "tour de museum". Here was my plan, I would like to take them by busway to FATAHILAH MUSEUM, and then to WAYANG MUSEUM and then to MUSEUM GAJAH, so my friend and I parked our car at PLAZA SENAYAN, and then we take busway to Kota, and then we walked a long the side walk to reach the museums..

In our daily time we are rarely take public transportations except taxi, so they were really enjoyed "the ride and the walk along the side walk" stuffs, but it was really a horrific experience to walk along the street of Jakarta, the vehicles were brutal (I should say that), especially the damn motorcycles, ouch they almost hit us when we crossed the street .. and the side walk isn't friendly to the pedestrians.  I learn a lesson today, we could explore our city if the public transportations are good, and there are some interesting places in Jakarta that we could introduce to our kids not just malls.. so tomorrow we would to take them to another interesting place such as Ragunan Zoo, Widyanto clay or outdoor activities for kids at Sentul..

look at the size of the side walk, so damn small..

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