Thursday, February 10, 2005


biar rumahku sekecil rumah merpati tapi aku bahagia bisa punya rumah sendiri walaupun si pengembang membuatnya asal2an, aku tetap bahagia, apalagi bersama suami dan anak2ku yang kucintai

After a very hard working finally we have our little home sweet home twelve years ago.. and because the builder wanted a very huge profit, our home didn't build properly, but still we love our home. A home is a place for us to pour our love to our beloved family, a place that our sons would grow healthily, a place that we could share our happiness our joy ness..

O.U.R   H.O.M.E
A place my love for us to call our home,
Somewhere that we will not be alone!
A place we've wished for our whole life thru,
Filled with comfort and kitties, me and you!

A place full of joy and laughter and caring,
For inside it there'll be lots of love and sharing!
A place for us to talk and bare out our hearts,
This great place where our lives will really start.

A place where we'll work and love and play,
Somewhere nice to come at the end of each day.
A place from which we will never far roam,
Oh that wonderful place we will call our home,

A place each night to thank the Lord above,
For giving us both this truely wonderful love.
A place that we will share hand and hand,
Until time for us to go on to Heaven's land.

written by : Meme for Wayne

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