Saturday, February 12, 2005


horee saya bisa mainan sepeda di jalan

One day he asked me :"Bu may I go to school by bike". It's a simple request, but my dear son, you don't know how horrified the traffic is, I can't let you go to school by bike as same as I can't let your brother ride a motorcycle.

duh dip andai ortumu millioner ku kasih kamu supir pribadi and mobil dey

I always stress and fed up my bad words when I drove my car, because the traffic is really chaos. And now the motor cycles are really annoying because they never think about others vehicles, and they're increase in a very big number and full fill the street with their undisciplined manner.. arghh.. No offense, I hate motorcycles especially the one who always cut our way or turn left/right suddenly without looking back.

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