Sunday, March 06, 2005


What would you do if someone told you about bad things of your best friend's husband? She is my best friend, since we were in a high school, she was pampered by her parents, till one day she found out, that she was pregnant, and her damn boy friend suggested her to abort it (and thank GOD she neglected his suggestion and they married in a very forced situation).. and that was first bad thing he did at the beginning.. and up till now there are plenty more bad things he did... but my best friend still keep their marriage.. for her, married is just once in her life time no matter how bad is her married is.. oohh noo please.. if your husband don't have a responsibility, why sacrifice your life in a "seem good marriage".

~thank you for making our marriage the best for us.. let's keep it that way..~

to ika : thank you for correcting the title mwahh

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