Saturday, April 02, 2005


I was in my friend's home, when she called a name : "CONNY.. CONNY.. come here" and he came in a rush, "yes mam".. (he is a house boy). Ouch I was impressed, and I asked my friend : "o his name is CONNY? what a good name".. and my friend answered in a laugh: " Uhm yeah his full name is JARKONIH, and I like to call him CONNY, because it is more classy than JARKONIH.. wakzz  *please read KONI in Bahasa Indonesia*

I always order wood profiles to a carpenter in Pondok Pinang, when I first came to his workshop, everybody called him BOBBY.. again I thought what a name.. but when he wrote down his name and address, I read SUBOBIH.

Fortunately my maid didn't introduce her self as MIRA, considering her name is JUMIRAH, I call her JUM and I'm not intend to change her name to JOE.

In my second thought, why they put H at the end of their name? JARKONI-H SUBOBI-H JUMIRA-H? do you know? please tell me.. and how if GUCCI put H in its name, GUCCIH, is it still classy GUCCIH ?

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