Sunday, April 17, 2005


Kaki Lima : food carts, literally "five legs", two for the pusher and the three wheeled 
cart makefive, dispensing all kinds of delicacies rattle around at all hours. Each has a 
type has a different noise making device to identify what is passing

To be honest our economy is not base on conglomerate system but base on "kaki lima system", just look around, how many vendors did you find in your neighborhood, office, or any where else.. In this difficult situation, they are survive, in this "how many conglomerate steal our money" , they never go to the bank to take a credit, because the bankers never give them a letter of credit.

But they also never get any attention from the authority, authority never provide places for them to run their business in secure. they always move from one to another, or their carts were taken by the babi nsa or what ever.. in their name of "keep the city clean"..

So are malls still worthy in this difficult situation? The builders can't let a site empty for a while, in next few month, a mall aka ruko aka rukan aka rutokan aka rukanto will build then.

In Jakarta, street food is about more than a simple matter of taste, says John Aglionby. The sight, smell, even sound of the stalls get the appetite going

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