Thursday, May 19, 2005


disclaimer : to whom who claim their self as a tech freak, don't laugh or don't even think anything if you see my cell phone, but if you consider to buy me a new latest sophisticated   one,  I wouldn't mind considering you as my best friend..
One day my 9 yrs old nephew said to me : "bu riek, why do you still use that cell phone, it's out of date, you better get a new one like mine, there are some features in it" and he showed me his sophisticated cell phone.. o boy how dare you talked like that to your awesome auntie?  You could have it, because your parents have enough money to buy it for a 9 yrs old, in a second thought "is  it worth  to buy it for a 9 y.o" in the meantime my father is retire  and he don't have money to buy me a new cell phone. And how unlucky are my sons to have us as their parents, because we will  not buy them a cell phone till they are 15 y.o.

For me a cell phone is just a tool to communicate, to keep in touch with my family when I am outside my home, so I really don't care about the new or sophisticated one, for me as long it could connect me to my son and my husband. So my oldest son could ask me anything while I'm out.. no more no less. I'm not share my cell phone number to my business client/partner, because I don't want they
disturbing me. And my friends have known me if I rarely reply their sms, and they have complained it, but I still ignore it..

So I really pissed off  when I was driving my car, and suddenly my cell phone rang, and then my left hand grabbed my cell phone, while my right hand was on the car's steer and my mind was focus on the traffic.. "hellow ibu may I have your time,  I would like to bla bla.. " Ouch another telemarketing calling.. arrgghh. I cut her craps : "miss, sorry my cell phone is not for business matter, please call me at my office number" bletakk.. tuttt tiittt tuutt..

These are my reasons why I don't need a new latest fancy cell phone:
â– psychologically  : I still have my confidence to use my cell phone in a crowds of sophisticated cell phones
â– financially : better save my money to another urgent needs.. or in a simple word : "I don't have money to buy it!"

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