Thursday, May 26, 2005



My grandma used to tell us to finish our meals without leftover any of it even a lil' on our plate, our plate must clean without any food/meal. She used to say that :
"Not everyone as lucky as you are who can sit and eat in a proper way, some still looking for food in a hard working. How many people still suffer from hunger. So you are not allowed to neglect your food. And you must grateful for what you can eat by finishing it."

Her word impressed me, I always remember what she ever said about this, and I annoyed if I saw someone leftover the food on his/her plate, I teach my kids to finish their meal.

lanjutannya nih ..

Greedy character obviously seen, when we are in the restaurant or other eating places, that serve a buffet (dishes of food set out on the table which people help themselves), one price for all food you can eat. For them, they would take as much as they will, without thinking whether they can finish it or not. And before they finished it all, they already take another meal, and they did that for more than once. How much food had thrown away in neglected, they only think that they had paid so they could take as much as they want.

I feel sick if I see people like that, and I feel like to shout them : "Hi you FINISH your MEAL now.." How could they did that, didn't they have a sense of caring to other people that working very hard just to get a meal a day?...meanwhile they easily neglected the food. Yeay how sick our society are..but hi who care !!!!!!!... I do...., coz I do working hard, and I always remember what my granny had said...
Thank to the restaurant that take strict rules : take as much as you can but finish it other wise you have to pay more for the rest.

buat ibu2 arisan: dilarang memberi comment lebih dari 5 kali cukup 5 kali saja, supaya quota saya terpenuhi..
yana bunga putih : awas ya kamu googling foto2 saya nanti saya sue kamu di city council.. sumpah itu bukan googlingan

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