Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Most of our doctors now, aren't heal their patients but they are maintain the illness of patients.. so the patients keep coming back.  they exploits  the patients.. several of people I know had already experienced this.

My late father in law, after he was amputated his leg because of his diabetes, the wounded never really recover.. and the doctors just told him to do this and that for almost a year. And then he flew to Singapore to get a treatment and just in one week his years wounded was totally recover . My neighbor have the same thing, never recover here, and then she went to Singapore, and voila ... only in .. one week, she was as well as before.

What's wrong with doctors here?

The situation is getting harder and harder, could we throughout this? The richest are more rich the poorest are more poor, we have to switch and try another shoot.. but what?. To be honest, now I have no idea what should I write, when the bad mood is coming.. still thinking what should I do for tomorrow?

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