Sunday, May 15, 2005


I always open my window in the morning widely
breath the morning air deeply
hope the good things would enter my home
and we all could enjoy our life happily

As a home builder I'm not intend to install a trellis at my windows to prevent from burglar, but most of my clients always ask us to install trellis at their windows.. but in my experience the burglar always entering the home without breaking the trellis.. I have a story about trellis, I was trapped in a danger situation, that night, at my previous home, suddenly someone entered our living room, and surprise surprise he was a thief , and he was chased because he caught by hand when he was robbing a taxi driver.

My husband have a bad habit, he always open the entrance door, so the thief entered our home, maybe because he saw the door was open, and he said to my husband to help him from the chasing he wanted to hide in our home.. I was so shocked, because he had a knife, but I still could think straight, so I ran to my bed room, after I took his knife which was he put it on our table, I locked the door and let the thief with my husband, and I open my window to get some help, thank God we didn't have trellis, so I jumped down into my front yard.. apparently the mass and the police whose chased him was in front of my home, and they were losing the thief they chased after.. I told them that he was in my house.. and the police knocked my door and ordered him to go out, and you know what? the thief went out and he wore my sun glasses to cover him , and it was silly thing he did because it was night, and every body knew he was the thief, and I really hate that he used my sun glasses.. I asked him to give it back to me, and directly I washed it.. arrgghh..

So, I don't know what should I do if my windows were covered by trellis, in my opinion trellis could jeopardize our life, especially if we have to pass through the window in an emergency situation..

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