Wednesday, August 17, 2005


for Dipta : it's a competitions/games time and a bike carnival, and lots of presents, and he had decorated his bike with red paper last night..
for street vendors : selling flags in a variety size.. or selling areca palm trees/pinang trees for climbing contests (the poles are greased up and people try and climb to the top to claim one of the prizes waiting for them)
for my dad : time to tell his story about how he survived from the war..(thx God he's still healthy in his age)
for me : just another day in August and if I have enough time I'll attend the games such as sack races, kerupuk eating or put a pencil in to a bottle in my neighborhood. I just know we have freed from the colonialist, and now we still have to free ourselves from poverties and all the problems we have..
but what ever,
happy Independence day ..
more power to Indonesia.

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