Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I found these postcards and it's about Indonesia along time ago, I bought the postcards for just Rp 3.000,-/each (30 cent U$?), and I want to share it.

Cas Oorthuys (1908-1975)/Ijscoman, IndonesiĆ« ©
1995 Stichtig Nederlands Fotoarchief/Reproductionprohibited.
This is a street vendor that sell some kind of ice with syrup, read at "ys djempol" ys means ice, and Djempol maybe the brand , I don't know for sure what year this photo was taken. Look at their outfits, I think it is fashionable.

Charles Breijer (1914) / Fietstaxi,IndonesiĆ« ©
1995 Stichtig Nederlands Fotoarchief/Reproduction prohibited
The traffic at that time, this was a couple in a becak, and at the right was an ice cream street vendor "veronika ys cream lolly".

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