Sunday, September 18, 2005


My 10 yrs old son said to me :"Ibu, I am embarrassing, why do you buy that album? ". "uhm I like the songs, and why on earth you asked me like that".. ".. because I think the songs are for kids only?" .."hah?" "yes my friends could sing all the songs and they are like the songs very much".. and the album was PeterPan's album.. is it a kid songs? he thought if all his friends could sing the songs, it mean it's kid song?..

How lucky kids nowadays they could have lots of songs, in my age I just could sing.. little stars aka bintang kecil, go up to the top aka naik naik ke puncak gunung.. mom's love aka kasih ibu.. Now PeterPan always accompany me while I am driving, and he would yelling :"Ibu boeseeeeeeeeeeeeennn deh lagunya itu moolooo".. o bintang di surga .. uhm uhm lala lilillli..

ps: to miss X I just want to sing "Ada apa dengan mu" lalalilili crutz

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