Friday, September 16, 2005

  high tense

I never or should I say rarely, have a big fight in our marriage, but you would find we were in a high tense ambiance, if we were lost in space oups I mean if we want to go to an address that we never known before, it happened when we got an invitation that arranged in someone's house.. especially now Jakarta has been expanding its area to east west and south.

If the address is a new area, sometime we lost it.. so the war begin, he would order me to see the map, and I am not "a good reader map", so I don't know where we have to move on, to the left or to the right.. and I asked him to ask the audience I mean to someone in the street. Unlucky us, now not many people known about the area, they just answered "I don't know".. and our tense began to raise in a high level.. after so many "maybe you have to turn left or right" / "maybe you have to enter that way" argue.. we arrived at the target.. and our tense were cooling down.. but if I remembered how tight we were on the way to the address.. huh..

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