Saturday, September 24, 2005


A metromini stopped at the traffic light, and two girls *5 and 7 yrs old* stepped up into it. The bigger one brought a kecrekan *pieces of metal that could make a sound* and the little one brought envelopes and began to distribute it to the passengers, in the envelope there was a piece of paper with a "not so good handwriting" and it written that they need money to continue their education/school.. so if the passenger wouldn't mind to give them some.. the bigger one began to sing.. and when the little one collected back the envelopes, a woman asked her with out loud "where is your mother? why she allow you to make money in a metromini that full of passengers? isn't it danger for little girls like you? and the bla bla lalala lilili."

The girl just looked at her in silence but maybe her mind said out loud too, "hi mam just keep your crap, and give me some money.. would you?" or in her original language "aduh ibu ketimpringan banget pakek marah2 kalo emang mak gw bener ya ga mungkinlah gw masih 5 tahun genee suruh nyari uang"

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