Wednesday, September 14, 2005


My name is Rieke, but why they are still write my name like this, Reike , Reiki, Rike? I always take extra care when I want to write someone's name, people may have an opinion "what is a name?" but I do care. You will know that when you are going to have a child to name it. When I was pregnant, we began to look for a name, and what we found was always a girl's name... so cute, and we never found a boy's name, ughh.. so there were several girl's names in our list but not any of them was boy's name. And then I gave birth to a baby boy, and voila, we didn't have a name for him.. and the rules are we have to have a name before we leave the hospital, for birth certificate ..

And I am sorry if I have made a mistake in writing down your name.. let me know your correct name. Remember, although I'm an old woman, please don't call me Burik

 update: again I found someone wrote my name as Riyeke.. huhh argghhh Image hosted by

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