Wednesday, September 07, 2005


This evening a called shocked me out : "Ibu may I cut your investment on bla bla, because now the Stock Exchange is getting down, and your stock is falling off, I just want to ask your permission to redeem it tomorrow".. Waawww arghh.. blame it on what? and what is the safest investment now day? My brain is going to blow up..

Since saving in a bank didn't give a good profit anymore, people looking for others investment that could give a good chance to get more than saving in a bank. And the stock exchange is a choice, but look at me now.. blame it on rupiahs or dollars or the oil or SBY.. The safest is maybe we use a traditional way of saving money in a piggy bank or under our mattress, but considering robbery.. still a big risk.. so ... au ah gelep..

I wonder why kids now have a thought to suicide themselves if they find something not comfort to them, it has been a common news now, to read about a kid suicide his/her self.. what's wrong with our society? Is it because the ocean of information we have? I always put an attention of what my son told me about his school, friends, especially when he told about how his friends made a fun of him, I always encourage him..

Beside a bad news, I have a good one, finally I could finish it, but still an obstacle, it couldn't perform well in an OPERA, is it because the Java script or what? tell me please.. thank so much..

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