Thursday, September 29, 2005


"Bu, what is puberty?"
"A time when someone's reproduction could execute its function, or the period of time when children begin to mature biologically, psychologically, socially and cognitively. Girls start to grow into women and boys into men"
"Today, I had to complete a questioner about puberty, and one of its question was, have you ever sexually harass?"
"Have you? by the way do you know the meaning of sexual harassment? "
"No I don't"
"Sexual harassment is bla bla lala lilili.."
My parents never explain us about "sex" things but parents now day "must" explain their children about it.. so I have to learn about it, and explain it in a proper way for 10 yrs old boy. On the other hand, it's more easy to do it than to explain it..

And one tough question from him when he was 8 yrs old was, "what is a rape?".. I have to think very hard before I could explain it to him. And the answer was "It's a crime" that's it for now.. ask me again when you are 12 yrs old.. oke..

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