Friday, October 21, 2005


What I most scare of is, if my family is sick, and I have to see the doctor at the hospital, and it happened last week. My son got his asthma and couldn't breath as well, and after the inhalation, I had to pay for the medication, and when the apothecary mentioned how much rupiahs I must pay, I shocked and asked her what kind of medication that caused such a huge rupiahs, and then asked her back, "could I just get a generic one instead the brand one?" . "yes mam, it has a generic for this expensive brand antibiotic". "yes I take the generic" and it cost 40% from the brand.

What ever people think about generic, I think it is as same as the brand, because in my common mind or should I say "pikiran-bego-gw", the materials are the same.. the difference is maybe the packaging.. sorry if I'm wrong about this..

you know dear? I can't stop loving you

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