Saturday, November 19, 2005

  Birthday present recycling

Years ago....
It was my 5th grade class at the elementary school, and it was my teacher birthday. She was opening her presents from her students. "Rieke, uhm you know I need this pen, to write your exams score". I gave her a blue and red pen.

And then : "Endah Suprapti, wow a beautiful fabric, thank you so much I really like it and I can't wait too long to make a clothes.." when my teacher showed Endah's present, I was shock because it was a fabric I gave to Endah Suprapti my friend at her birthday a couple days ago. A red polka dot fabric.. How could she gave it to our teacher? I hate her, she gave my present to another people in front of me. And since that day I didn't want to be her friend anymore.. I hate her.. hate her so much.

Now days...
When my sons celebrating his birthday, they received a lots of presents, after they opened the presents, usually I picked some of the presents and wrote down the name of the giver and stored it in the cabinet. And if I have to give a present for my son friend I just open my cabinet and choose one of it.

Maybe Endah Suprati's mom had done what I do today, recycling birthday present, but maybe she forgot to write down the name of the giver..

psstttt: I hope, no one of my son friend's parents read this.. or maybe they did the same way.. uhm well, if that so.. welcome to the club pals..

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