Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Today at day 7th "do it your self a house keeper job" aka "pembantu mudik, juragan repot", 6:55 am in the morning and I was standing in the middle of my bed trying to push my "king size spring bed mattress" to the wall, and all the sudden.. bammm the heavy mattress had fallen right on my body, and my back head hit the "sharp edge of my wood bed" and I screamed out loud called my husband. And after the helpers *my husband and my sons* came and got rid the mattress from my body, OMG, blood every where. and when my husband checked my back head, he said "we have to go to the hospital, the wound was deep"..

And I got 5 stitches, at my back head, and they cut off my hair around my wounded.. >> yes I'm "4x4 cm bald" now wakzz <<. The doctor not allowed me shampooing my hair for 3 days ahead.. arrrghh.. Yes this is my bad day, and accident could happen any where, even when you just pushing your mattress.. sigh.. oh Joemirah please come back..

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