Tuesday, February 28, 2006


My friend adopted a baby boy, until now my friend hasn't told him about it. She think he is too young to know the fact, he is 9 yrs old now, maybe when he is big enough she'll tell him about it. So how shock she was when a couple days ago, he suddenly asked her :
"Mom, am I adopted?"
"Who told you so?"
"My friends, because this morning I had a biology class and the assignment was to match our blood type to our parent's blood type, so when my friends found out that my blood type is O and yours are A, they said to me that I am adopted, because it doesn't match"
*fyi : my friends and her husband are A blood type*
For the moment my friend was blank, she didn't know how to explain it, but then she said :"dear son it's a GOD WILL, if GOD have a WILL nobody can't stop HIM.., and you are my son" fyiuh, damn, kids now are smart, they know everything .

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