Saturday, December 18, 2004


A long time ago when I was young, I usually  did the shopping to release my stress, but since I'm a lil bit mature (mature or run of money?) and a lil bit know about cyber, so now cooking and blogging are release my stress.. but I avoid to make cake, and others lil stuff like cookies, because I don't have a patience to do that.. and this weekend I'm ready to cook and go to the traditional market uhh I love traditional market..

I better cook for 50 peoples than make one glass jar of cookies.. and I love when my kids yelling at me :" ibu I am hungry please make me a pizza or twister " or I sent my pizza to my neighbor, or helped my friend by providing food when she make a party.. but then my problem is I can't stop eating arraggh... @#$56!"a*#~

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