Saturday, October 08, 2005

  WE WERE ..

Indonesians are famous for its kindness, smiling people, but since the suicide bombers blast in Bali.. are we? I just couldn't understand why there are terrorists in my beloved country, who is our enemy? In my humble mind our enemies are corruption, poverty and low education. And if we want to make war against all that, all we have to do are build our country, not blast here and there, it's just killed our brothers and sisters.. and it's make us drowning more deeper.

And you know what, your job has made foreigners don't want to spend their time in Indonesia, they are freak out, and there are a lot of cancellation, their government warn to "not visit Indonesia".. and again it's make us drowning more deeper..

And instead of learning how to make a bomb why don't you learn how to make Indonesia more power and dignity, make a better place to live for our children.. *it's a desperate hope from a simple humble and dumb mother *

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