Monday, November 14, 2005


I don't know exactly the translation of "pernyataan basi".. hey you know my English.. a play group level. So this is about a statement that people always say when we get something bad. Like when I got accident in my house a couple days ago, after all the horror part had gone, my husband said : "dear why don't you asked us to help you pushing the mattress.." ouch no! if I'd known the mattress would fall into my body, I better just watched television.

Or when we were looted on our way to Bali, one of my relative said : "maybe you hadn't given enough money for charity/donation/zakat/amal etc.." hoy how could you say like that, this is real "basi banget deh ngomongannya"..

Or when someone hasn't have a baby yet, "maybe GOD has not trusted you to have a baby yet.. bla bla bla lalallilillli or when your kid fall or break something :"I told you do not blala blala lalalili"

For me if I got something bad I just think this is my bad day my apes my na'as day and I try not to give a basi banget statement to someone who has got a bad thing.

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